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What problem are we trying to solve?

Zerust have quite unique products, and a wide range of applications for them. Their website needs to explain their products and how they work, then guide people through the process of purchasing.

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What's the process of discovery?

The home page leads with the benefits of their products. "Zerust protects your ...". This instantly outlines why you should read more. A short explanation then details how it works. This first few seconds on the site is vital for establishing the tone and what the person is there to learn about.

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How do we make the website look good?

Zerust products are functional, but they're not designed to be beautiful. As a result, the site uses imagery of what you can protect with their products: cars, bikes, guns etc. This puts the emphasis on the usage and benefits of the product, not the look of the products themselves.

How do we make the shopping experience seamless?

The products are organised in categories for their intended use. There is also search form for returning customers that know what they're looking for.

How do we maintain customers?

Zerust products have a lifespan of two years, so we have implemented an automatic reminder system that emails customers a reminder just before the two years is up. This keeps customers happy and fosters repeat purchases.

We also set up a mailing list for customers to be informed of new products and promotions.

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