Case study

Pendleton Fine Foods

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Who are Pendleton Fine Foods?

Pendleton Fine Foods are a local producer of fresh, natural Australian produce, creating high quality canola and sunflower cooking oil, vinegar, table olives, salad dressings and dukkah.

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What is the problem we're trying to solve?

The client had an old website that didn't communicate their products very clearly, and the design was quite limiting – it was difficult to add new content. So, the brief was to create a website that introduces Pendleton, gives details of their product ranges, and is easy to navigate.

Pendleton products

How did we organise the products?

The products are grouped into three categories, with each product group outlining their sub categories on the one page.

How do we show the range of products?

The home page needed an interesting way to introduce people to Pendleton, so we created this image and headline to set the scene. It shows a selection of their products set against the backdrop of their beautiful farm, and the headline explains the care they show with their products.

Key content is then singled out with the use of these four pullouts to direct people to relevant sections of the website. And following that is a short introduction to the Pendleton farm, which leads the viewer to the about page.

Pendleton about page