A bit about me

I'm a graphic and web designer with over ten years professional design experience. I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia.

With a long background in print design, I've developed a passion for web design and front-end development, and the unique challenges that come with them.

I love the problem solving aspect of design, and like to work with people that also love what they do.

What's on my tool belt?


I design on-brand user interfaces with a focus on great user experience and getting the fine details right. I also have years of experience with visual identity, typography and photo retouching.

Tools: Creative Suite, Sketch, Workflowy, pen, paper

Front-end development

I build designs with HTML, CSS (Sass), jQuery and JavaScript. I am focused on performance (minify, concatenate, one-less JPEG etc!), and pay attention to the clarity in my code.

Tools: Sublime Text, CodeKit, Susy, Chrome

Back-end development

I integrate WordPress as the content management system for most of my sites, and find it be be great to work with. Also have experience with Kirby CMS.

Tools: MAMP, WordPress

Where do I start with a new website project?

  • Business goals

    Want more sales? Keep your customers coming back? Think of your website as a tool which fits in as one piece of your business puzzle.

  • Brand

    Do you have a logo and other brand elements which should translate to your website? If not, you should start there.

  • Target market

    What type of customers are you trying to attract, and how will this influence our decisions?

  • Language

    Much more important than you might think – the words you use to describe your business and direct visitors to information are vital.

  • Competitors

    Who are they? What do they do well? Being informed about your competitors gives you perspective on your industry.

  • Visual design

    How should your content be presented? Imagery, typography, illustration, colour, layout. This is the fun part.

  • Technology

    Domain, hosting, content management systems, e-commerce. All these things are discussed to establish the right mix for you.

  • Maintenance

    Do you have people in your business who can create new content, maintain existing products, services, add content etc?

And what does the project end up as?

  • Totally custom

    Be custom designed and built specifically for your business so you're getting the right message across, and can get more business.

  • Responsive

    Work beautifully on your computer, tablet, smartphone, internet-enabled fridge, and whatever else you want to throw at it.

  • Measurable

    Give you statistics, so you can track who's visiting your site, where they came from and what they do when they get there.

  • On-brand

    Your site will tie in with your company’s philosophy and business goals so it feels just right, and you’re proud of showing it off to people.

  • Easy to maintain

    Have a content management system which is totally customised for your business.

  • Accessible

    Hand coded to be accessible for screen readers so people living with disability can access the site.

  • Easy to find

    Be found easily in search engines by using properly structured and marked up content.

About this site

I hand-coded this site in Sublime Text 2 with HTML5, SCSS and a little bit of jQuery. CodeKit is used for compilation, concatenation and minification of SCSS and JavaScript, and image compression. The fonts are served by Typekit, and the site is running on Kirby CMS.

Use my project planner to start a new project.

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